plank to pike B.L.A.S.T. version

our b.L.A.S.T. class is truly Body Lengthening and Strength training all in one!

Done on a spring loaded carriage, this program is body changing by working through resistance and counter resistance as you do the exercises.

The flow is non-stop, continuous and done to fatigue.  The moves are performed slowly and set to the beat of the music so you stay motivated and energized the entire class!

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Plank to pike (at home version)

This move is excellent for strengthening the stabilizers of the upper back and arm muscles in addition to the core strengthening the core.


Place feet on top of towel and lift into the plank position

STEP 2: 

as you pike up, keep legs straight and draw abdominals in to support back

STEP 3: 

control the downward part of this motion as you return to plank,

crunch knees into chest and return to plank.

make sure not to grip in thigh muscles as you do this move. 

Repeat 15 x's