With 100+ classes per week at #RomneyStudios, there are endless options to design your perfect week of exercise. We summed up our perfect week at Romney, starting with blood-pumping RIDE on Mondays to chill, but challenging Pulse Barre on Sundays. Nobody's ideal week will be the same given that all of our bodies are different, but let our week inspire you to create your own!

Monday: RIDE

Tuesday: Reformer

Wednesday: Megaformer

Forget the Monday blues and start your week with high vibes! Cardio is great way to kick off your Monday by sweating it out in one of our high energy RIDE classes. You'll leave feeling energized, empowered and ready to tackle any challenges that may lie in the week ahead. 

It is important to alternate your workouts in order to target all parts of the body, allow yourself to recover properly, and achieve the results you want! After the high intensity of RIDE, try one of our Pilates Reformer classes.

While lower in intensity, the results of reformer are no joke... Think strong and toned abs, thighs, and butt. As if that wasn't enough, pilates incorporates lots of movement that improves balance and flexibility to help aid your other workouts!

Happy hump day! Why not celebrate making it half way through the week with a little ass-kicking from one of our Megaformer classes. The Lagree Fitness Megaformer will up the intensity and utilize those slow twitch muscles you never knew you had. This method will have you feeling long, strong, lean, and dying to jump into another class! 

Studio Foam Roller.jpg
Box Gloves.jpg

Thursday: Roll & Release

Time to chill out and take a moment to channel your inner zen! After yesterday's Megaformer, you'll need this relaxing hour to stretch and roll out all your tension. Use the foam roller in this class to help release all of the soreness from the week so far and get ready for the workouts ahead. 



Friday: Boxing 

It's time to pick back up the intensity before the weekend! Our boxing classes are a great way to diversify your workout and they provide a challenge to all of our clients, regardless of their level. Also, no better way to get out stress from the work week than with a good old punching bag, right?

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Saturday: Bosu Cardio 

We can promise you that our Bosu Cardio class is like nothing you've tried before! Your balance, coordination, and endurance will be put to the ultimate test as you follow along to the high energy moves and music. if you are looking for something new and want to start your Saturday off right, Bosu is definitely the class to be at!


Sunday: Pulse Barre

While Sundays tend to be lazy days for most, we love to still get a good workout in. Tone down the intensity from the last two days, while still feeling the burn at Pulse Barre. Our barre program hits all your body's target areas through a wide range of movement, all while keeping the energy up so you are never bored!

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