Smudging 101:

How to Cleanse Your Energy





Things you’ll need: 

Sage Stick 

Candle & Match


Bowl or Vessel 









Find a bright, quiet space, free of any distractions.

No phone, no kids, etc.

If possible, open a window for better ventilation. 


Take a moment to be still and focus on the intent of the cleanse.

What are you letting go of? What are you inviting in? Think along these lines.

It may be helpful to create a mantra or sentence of your intent to repeat during the practice. 




With a candle, light the smudge stick until it begins to produce a thick smoke. Tap out the flame in bowl or vessel just enough so smoke is still rising. 

You may either place the bowl (with smudge stick in it) at your feet and let the smoke rise, hold the bowl in one hand, or simply hold the smudge stick.

There is no “correct” way.  


click to play video!



With the feather, begin to draw smoke around your head and neck. Some like to use small circular movements to do so. 


Working your way around the body in a clockwise motion, carry the smoke towards your arm, chest, leg, and back up. Spend more time on chakras or areas of the body where you feel there is excess negative energy or blockages. Visualize the smoke carrying away the negativity.  


Repeat the steps on the back of your body. It may be helpful to have another person do your back. 






When finished, bring any leftover ashes outside and leave them with the earth.