RIDE. To inhale deep, exhale fully and become one with our sweat sanctuary.

Each with unified dedication to transforming our minds, bodies, and hearts.

An experience inspired by pure drive and mental focus.

A renegade. A warrior. A Romney RIDE.

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RIDE is unlike any other program offered at Romney, and really than any other program in New Orleans! Inspired by the beat of the music and the undeniable high energy of the room and community, our RIDE classes are so much more than just a workout. Romney RIDE transcends typical cardio, focused on being a full mind body experience. As we clip into the bike, we let go of our reservations and open ourselves up to challenge, rhythm, change and, of course, a good time. 

We owe our toned butts and cleared minds to the ultimate warriors of RIDE, our instructors! After some updates to our RIDE program and schedule, we wanted y'all to have the chance to learn more about the people challenging you on the bike! Take a look below to learn some fun facts about your favorite members of the RIDE tribe. 

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Nickname: Kels, KelseyBells (thanks mom and dad?)

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey

Sign: Virgo

Favorite post-workout snack: Smoothie- Seasonal fruit, spinach, coconut water, coconut yogurt, iced green tea, Sun Potion powders (Ashitaba, ashwagandha, Mucuna Pruriens, He Shou Wu)

Current favorite song: Love Me Now - John Legend  David Aude Remix. I

Favorite class other than RIDE: Megaformer. When I do it twice a week I have abs and that is a #win

New favorite NOLA dig: Stonefree. The best collection of clothes/shoes/accessories, awesome vibe, and the best staff. Doesn't hurt that they always have a chilled glass of wine for you!


Nickname: Juj

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite post-workout snack: granny smith apple

Current favorite song: Touch It (Acoustic Trap Bootleg Remix) by Busta Rhymes

Favorite class other than RIDE: This question is mean. Megaformer wins
by a smidge, but if Pulse asks me I'll deny everything...

New favorite NOLA dig: Poke Loa

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Nickname: Jon Jon

Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite post-workout snack: Jamba Juice! 

Current favorite song: Never Give Up - Sia

Favorite class other than RIDE: POWER!

New favorite NOLA dig: Mais Arepas


Nickname: A-aron

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Sign: Cancer

Favorite post-workout snack: almond butter

Current favorite song: Paris by chainsmokers 

Favorite class other than RIDE: Megaformer or BOSU...really hard to choose ;)

New favorite NOLA dig: Cavan


Nickname: Schiffy 

Hometown: Washington DC 

Sign: Aquarius 

Favorite post-workout snack: banana/peanut butter / almond milk smoothie 

Current favorite song: Shape of You - Ed Sheeran 

Favorite class other than RIDE: megaformer! 

New favorite NOLA dig: I really love Seaworthy next to the Ace Hotel. 

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Nickname: Mads, Madrama or most recently “Mister"

Hometown: NYC

Sign: Gemini

Favorite post-workout snack: It’s more of a meal than a snack, but I LOVE the Ozzy Plate from Hi-Volt. 

Current favorite song: 'Cause I'm A Man (HAIM Remix) - Tame Impala 

Favorite class other than RIDE: MEGAAAA or good old Pilates! 

New favorite NOLA dig: Poke Loa is my latest vice :) 


Nickname: Chicken-bone 

Hometown: Chalmette

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite post-workout snack: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar

Current favorite song: Hypnotik Original Remix - Keys N Krates 

Favorite class other than RIDE: Reformer 

New favorite NOLA dig: Cherry Coffee


Feeling inspired? Check out our schedule here and come RIDE with us today.