REStorative yoga

When was the last time you really took a minute to just be? Between working long days, running errands, being with kids, making time for your relationships, eating well, sleeping enough, working out, even checking our e-mail, sometimes it seems like we can't take a minute to stop. Constant busyness isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is how we get sh*t done, and we usually still have fun along the way. At Romney, we are pretty amazed by our clients who so gracefully balance dominating their careers with raising families, all the while finding time to stay fit.

We all know there comes a point where running a mile a minute begins to bog you down, even if you think you can handle it-the burnout is real!

In terms of energy, your hectic routine can be viewed as the Yang. Most people live yang-centric lifestyles, often forgetting about the importance of balance. Yang energy can be thought of as external stimulation, dynamic, and warming; in regards to Romney programs, RIDE, megaformer, and barre are all the Yang. But there is no Yang without Yin, they need each other to exist, to keep the balance in our lives. 

Restorative Yoga-32.jpg

Yin energy - internal, passive, and cooling - can be compared to taking a bubble bath or relaxing with a great glass of wine. In our Yang oriented lives, the Yin is key to helping counterbalance the Yang helping stay in the best physical and mental condition possible! 

In order to increase the Yin in all of our lives, to improve our mental capacity to take on each week the best we can, and provide nourishment for our often overworked bodies, Romney is beyond excited to announce that we are now offering Restorative Yoga twice a week. Also known as Yin Yoga, the focus of this practice is centered on the lower half of the body - think hips, inner thighs, lower spine, and pelvis, areas rich in connective tissue. As opposed to a faster paced Vinyasa or Bikram, Yin Yoga is a series of passive poses held for up to five minutes each to lengthen, stretch, and strengthen these lower areas of the body. And trust us, it is just as amazing as it sounds! 


stillness to calm and balance the body

stress and anxiety reduction (please and thank you!)

increased circulation and flexibility 

fascial release

great joint mobility 

balance to internal organs


We are as excited to introduce you to this practice as we are to our new instructor, Isabel.

Isabel is the newest member of the Romney team and will be your guide to helping you achieve your Yin and Yang balance. After quitting competitive dance at age 15, Isabel sought out yoga as a mode of mindful movement, which also led to a spiritual journey. Having taught globally in places such as Bali and Costa Rica, Isabel discovered that yoga allows her to be committed to self awareness, mindful action, self-love, and balance. We are so excited to have such a bright spirit join us!


Join us Tuesday mornings at 8:00 am or Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm to channel your inner Yin!. Book your spot now as this class is already filling up!