on the road

Sometimes life offers you really incredible opportunities you would never expect, but that you just cannot pass up! That is what happened when our fabulous instructor and guru of all things zen, Melanie, was offered the chance to be a fitness and wellness coach for Madeleine Peyroux's recent tour. Read a recap of what life was like for her, from crazy long days, to an insane travel schedule. Through it all, she helped maintain the physical and mental well being of the group she was working with, also gaining a new perspective of her life in New Orleans. 

penned by Melanie buffet

It's the home stretch of a month long journey on the road as a wellness coach for touring musicians. From an outsider's perspective (and my instagram feed lol), it seems like a life of glamorous travel and constant fun. It has been a lot of fun, but let me share a typical 'day in the life'... Wake up on the tour bus at 5am in a new city... check into a hotel room ... sleep a few hours... wake up.... workout (hopefully in a decent hotel gym) .... shower and pack... lobby call 3pm ... to the venue by 4... soundcheck 4:30-5:30 ... dinner 6 (either in house or a restaurant somewhere in the neighborhood - hopefully decent and healthy) ... showtime 8-10:30.... bus call 12:00... drive all night ... wake up on the bus at 5am in a new city.........


This way of life and work is not for everybody. I happen to love it and live for it. It's in my blood, literally. My uncle has been touring for over 40 years and I've spent a lot of time 'out there'. But I have never been on the road in this capacity, working and sharing my skills as a fitness and wellness professional. The main challenge is that fatigue, exhaustion, and burn-out happen to all of us. Motivation to maintain healthy habits is hard. And this is where I become a vital member of the crew. In every city I find the best options for a workout. I go to the hotel fitness center or find a gym nearby. I report my findings back to the crew. I spend a few hours there. I meet and workout with whomever shows up. Because the room and the vibe differs day to day, I  adapt a routine to fit who shows up, what they need, and what the room has to offer. Everyone looked at me funny when I walked on the bus day one with the foam roller.... which has become everyone's best friend and favorite thing. 


Everyday out here, I am more grateful for my life at home and at Romney Studios. I have always known that I have an incredibly blessed life in New Orleans. What has become crystal clear to me is that Romney Studios is not only where I work, but it is a community of teachers and clients who support each other to be optimally fit and healthy-- to tap our best selves and shine that light brightly. I could not do this road gig if I weren't in the best shape of my life. My time spent at Romney (teaching and training) has given me the gift of optimal physical and mental fitness. Romney has made me a peaceful warrior of strength and endurance to get through the most physically and mentally challenging of situations. 

I am loving this adventure. And I can't wait to get back to my sweet sanctuary and community, Romney Studios, where I found and continue to cultivate my best self. See y'all soon!

Much love,