Raw Republic

We believe that being your healthiest self is a holistic process that combines your daily rituals, movement, and positive mindset to feel your absolute best. What is going on inside your body is such an important part of the process that can easily be overlooked and that is why a focus of our daily rituals is aimed at how we fuel our body. We are so excited to have partnered with Raw Republic in order to aid in fueling our bodies pre and post workout!


RAW Republic produces organic, gluten free, and vegan juice and food products to make health and wellness more accessible to the New Orleans community. Living in a city typically characterized by its unhealthy foods and habits, we love having go to spots like RAW that help make living healthy fun and delicious! We were lucky enough to score some one-on-one time with Sheena Mannina, the founder and owner of RAW, to get some inside info about her business!




What was your inspiration for starting Raw republic and how did it all fall into place? 


Our interest in beginning Raw Republic was solely to inspire a new perspective of health and wellness through the accessible and beautiful concept of juicing. My business partner and boyfriend Evan and I began juicing first in our home, and then at a local coffee shop during the cafe's closed hours, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Looking back, we overcame lots of uncomfortable situations to eventually grow into the space we have today where we proudly serve  so many people in our community. 



At Romney we are always focused on idea of the mind and body as one, a concept that Raw also seems to pride itself on. In your opinion, why is link of the mind and body as one so important?


I think more than the connection being important, it simply just is. It is as existent as the mind/body/spirit connection. When we ignore the connection, the messages, the guidance, we resonate in a space out of alignment.

For example, you may experience a physical pain such as lower back pain due to stress or not speaking up for yourself at work. If you listen to the voice of your mind or spirit, you may hear that this is the case and change your method of healing.  If you don't listen, your course of action may not result in any significant change because you aren't actually treating the misalignment.

By only treating the pain, you're only treating the symptom. But, if you go into the truth that your mind or spirit is always speaking, you may find the answer to what can actually transform you. Without recognizing the connection of it all, we don't have a lot of guidance.

In understanding the connection, we have everything. 


"In understanding the connection, we have everything." 


where, when and how did you passion for health and wellness begin? 

My interest in health and wellness, like many people, originated in a place where I began questioning the concept of healing. I had many health conditions as a child, and no medical routes alleviated my symptoms. I was constantly on medications but wasn't WELL nor did I feel healthy. I began questioning what my role was in my health, and how to take responsibility for the ways that I could make changes. That journey began with food, juicing, and herbs and has grown to a place that now includes so much more. 


in your opinion, why are health and wellness so important, and why should others also make them a priority?

I believe our health, vitality and happiness is all we have to guide the course of our life. I believe we are given inspiration and motivation and guidance to live in accordance with those aspects as our guiding light. When we don't listen, thats when life becomes less than optimal. My hope is for everyone to start listening, start acting in accordance with their body and spirit's guidance and to live a life full of health and joy.


Photos Courtesy of Raw Republic. 

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