HAIR 1.0

The Doughnut Bun





Calling all wannabe Prima Ballerinas!

We love buns (we're talking hair, people!) and a classic sock bun is perfect for keeping hair out of the way while breaking a sweat. It's simple, chic, and easily worn from studio to street.

Workouts we recommend this style for:

barre, pilates, walking, yoga & dance


step 1:

Find a sock missing its match, and cut roughly 1.5 inches off the toe. Roll sock int a tight circle.

step 2:

Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with elastic. A higher ponytail will result in a more dramatic bun.

step 3:

Pull the tip of ponytail through the sock, and using it as a form, begin to wrap the ends of your hair around it. Slowly being to roll the sock towards head.

step 4:

Continue to head, tucking loose ends along the way.

step 5:

Comb down any flyaways & spritz with hairspray.

step 6:

Secure any loose areas around bun with bobby pins.


Ballerina chic hair in less than five.