If you're head is spinning because it feels like we went straight from New Year's to Valentine's Day, we feel you! All of a sudden our surroundings turned pink and red, full of more chocolates and flowers then we knew existed. Whether you love V-day, or need some extra love to get you through the day, we at Romney are here for you! More importantly, we want you to remember that all the love you need is within yourself. Self-love and self-care come from within. If this is something new to you or an acceptance you're working towards, let this Valentine's Day be your starting point with a little help from us! We are encouraging you to pause, take a breath, and look deeper past the traditional meaning of this holiday.

According to the New York Times, those with more self compassion are less at risk for developing depression and/or anxiety. With about 18% of the US population ages 18 or older suffering from one of these disorders (AADA), it is necessary that we all take a step back and turn our focus inward. Let this Valentine's Day be your turning point! Redefine the holiday and use it to do something, anything, that makes you happy. We promise that by devoting a little piece of each day to remind yourself of why you are already kick ass, your life will improve significantly.


When looking for some extra self-love this V-Day, we recommend starting with the "little magic pill" - exercise. In taking your relationship with yourself to the next level, there is no better approach than developing a synergy between movement and breath. Working out might just be the perfect solution to ridding yourself of anxiety & negative energy that could be impacting your external relationships with others and the world around you. So celebrate you for Valentine's Day by joining us for your favorite workout class that makes you feel challenged, sexy & confident. 

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Still wanting a little bit more you time?

Think about incorporating meditation into your day! Silencing your mind & unplugging from life's distractions is an extraordinary way to treat y.o.u. to all the benefits meditation has to offer. Use V-Day as an excuse to work this practice into your daily ritual, whether you want it to be in the morning, during your lunch break, or as your day comes to a close. For those who have never taken the time to mediate, we've been there, and promise that 1. Yes, it is effective 2. It is not boring and 3. You do have time for it! 

If you need some help getting started, the following apps are a great guide:

headspace, calm, insight timer 


Continue your practice of self-love by taking care of your body on the inside and out! Some of our favorite ways to nourish our body's include epsom salt baths, smoothies, and dry brushing. Trying new beauty and health ideas like these are just another way to leave you feeling the best you possibly can! 

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No matter your relationship status, you will always be partnered with yourself - your mind, body & spirit. So we challenge you to re-think Valentine's Day to really take care & commit yourself to having an increasingly healthy & positive relationship with you. But don't let this be a one day, special treat because there is always a way to incorporate self care as part of your everyday life. Take your fate into your own hands, you are capable of anything. Embrace it! Don't let insecurities, self doubt, or fear bog you down. Do what you need for you - to be the best you, to love every single thing about you. 

We already <3 you,