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A purpose. A passion. An innate love. Whatever it’s called, we are always inspired when we hear of people following an intuitive sense and making a life of something they love. That’s exactly what Liz Ford has been doing over the past year, creating her fresh meal delivery service, root + arrow. It’s an idea she had brewing for a while, but it wasn’t until things took a turn for the worse with her law job in early 2015 that Liz decided to bring her dream to fruition. Since then, she’s been doing it all: the chef, the planner, the office person, the deliverer. Her dedication to what she calls “her baby,” is incredible, so we sat down with the entrepreneur to learn more about her story.


Tell us: What is Root & Arrow?

It’s organic, plant-based food that I prepare fresh for people and deliver to them. I understand how hard it is to eat healthy, and that most people don’t have time to prepare meals, so I’m trying to bring health to people’s fingertips. 


How do we place an order? 

Orders are done online, but I am flexible and want to make sure that people have access to this. For instance, I have a couple where the wife orders lunch and dinner, and she’ll add on a dinner for her husband because that’s when they eat together. That’s not necessarily an option on the website, but people can always reach out to me. That’s also true for anyone with dietary restrictions, or health concerns.


what’s your food background? 

I am self-taught and read A LOT. I just finished a year of Holistic health school with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I learned a lot about dietary theories, digestion and other important things. I’ve also been raised by cooks…both sides of my family are big into cooking.


do you create your recipes?

Some [of the recipes] come from my head, some of them come from visual inspiration. It’s really strange, but I actually look at fashion for the colors and then try to use ingredients with the same vibrancy. Also, if I just find a recipe I like, I’ll play with it and modify until I think it tastes really good.


Liz Ford salad.jpg

"All of our meals are nutritionally balanced and properly proportioned for proper fuel. We want you to feel your best!"


Your menus don’t include meat…why?

Simply, it’d be too expensive to source the kind of meat that we should eat. Also, the treatment of the meat–cooking it and re-heating it–kills all the enzymes. It’s more about body science and digestion, not the idea of, “you’re killing animals.” From what I’ve learned, the best way to optimal digestion is just to eat your veggies. And I’ve structured these meals for optimal digestion for five days a week.


Where do you source ingredients from? 

Right now I source from Whole Foods because I’m doing all organic and I’m small. I’ve been talking to a lot of local farmers to purchase ingredients that are organic or that they treat and raise organically, but just don’t have the certification for. I’m learning about their methods before I actually purchase from them. Eventually, I want all my ingredients to be local because foods that come from our soil and our air support our immune systems.


We love the name and logo…how’d you think of it? 

I had all these random names, and for six months had been trying to pick one. Nothing gave me that “AHA!,” but I had my tagline, “100% organic plant based delivered directly to you.”

I worked backwards from that, turning my tagline into a name. One day I was baking with arrowroot powder, and I thought, “I kind of like that.” So I took it apart, switched it around, and added the and: It’s root (plant-based) and arrow (delivered to you). It was exactly what it was supposed to be.



"All of root + arrow's meals are vegan, chemical free and preservative free and are conceptualized and crafted with love using the freshest seasonal and local, when possible, ingredients."


what are your dreams for root & arrow? 

I would love to have my own commercial kitchen, and a small storefront where people can just grab and go. And with that space, I want to be able to offer cooking classes and educational classes too.

I would also love to expand cities! I think it’s so important for people to eat their vegetables and it’s so simple, but we get distracted and convenience-wise, it’s just not readily available.


anything else you want readers to know? 

I think it’s important to say that my menu is only Monday through Friday because it’s all about balance. I want people to understand that it’s a lifestyle and not about deprivation…Enjoy yourself on the weekend.


You can purchase grab and go root + arrow food at Romney Pilates and Raw Republic.

Liz told us, “I’m trying to keep it stocked at places that jive and compliment one another. Weight loss or lifestyle management isn’t just about food, it’s about the whole package: mind, body, and soul.”

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