Olive oil (as needed)

1 pound of ground turkey thigh 

1 head of red kale

Pine nuts (as needed)

1 tube of goat cheese (use as needed) 

Dried Cranberries (as needed)



Step 1: 

Season ground turkey thigh with salt & pepper while heating up frying pan with olive oil. Cook in frying pan.

Step 2: 

Sautée kale in separate pan with olive oil, salt & peper.

Step 3:

Place cooked turkey thigh in pan with sautéed kale & mix. Add in goat cheese as needed. 

Step 4:

Place dish into a bowl, add in pine nuts, cranberries & more goat cheese as needed.






If you are cooking for yourself, this dish can last 3-4 separate meals. Enjoy for breakfast by placing a fried or poached egg on top!