Two Parts Hydrogen, One Part Oxygen.

More Than 70% Of Our Bodies Are Made Up Of It, And We’re Constantly Losing It Through Sweat, trips to the loo, And Breathing. 

Yes, Even Breathing.

Read On For Answers To Common Q's About H20...


once and for all, how much do we need per day?

Half your body weight in ounces. More with intense exercise, if you’re ill, pregnant, or exposed to hot conditions.

do coffee and tea count?

Some say yes, some say no.

Both are stimulants that may make you pee more, countering the hydration, but it depends

on how your body reacts. Either way, plain ‘ol water is always the best choice. 


am i dehydrated?

You’ll Know With These Symptoms:

Thirst (Duh)


Urine Is Darker Than Usual


Muscle Cramps



bottled water or tap? 

They’re both safe. 

If you’re concerned about drinking tap water but still want to be green, there are tons of filter options on the market! 

Brita pitchers, charcoal sticks, faucet add-ons, etc.   


I'm training heavily and can't keep up with how much water i need. are there any substitutes to help replenish electrolytes? 

Yep! Coconut Water Is A Great Natural Option And Is High In Potassium. 

If you need the calories, a sports drink is o.K., just try to stay away from ones loaded with sugar.

If you're not into either of those, check out Nuun easy solution dropped into your water bottle! 

i loathe drinking water. is it really that important?

In short, yes. Here are five of many reasons to drink up:

1. Flushes out toxins and helps to prevent illness

2. Regulates body temperature 

3. Supports skin elasticity and helps reduce blemishes

4. Aids in transporting nutrients to cells

5. Boosts metabolism and can help with weight loss


Be a friend to our earth! Here are two of our fave reusable water bottles: