Healthy Holiday Treat

By Kim Mimeles, Greens Girl Nutrition & Health Coaching

With holiday parties in full force, many of us will face endless spreads of cookies, bowls of red and green M&M’s, and perhaps even a famed Buche de Noel.  Although we tell ourselves, “back away from the sugar,” things can easily escalate to a scene out of Sofia Coppola’s, Marie Antoinette.

Luckily, our friend and holistic nutrition coach, Kimberly Mimeles, was kind enough to share her recipe for a guilt-free holiday dessert!



These coconut covered bites are festive and yummy…perfect for any winter soiree!



1  C gluten-free oats

1/2 C fresh almond butter

1/4 Cground dried coconut, plus extra for a shallow dish to roll and coat the balls in

1/4 Cfreshly ground flaxseed

2  Tchia seeds

1/4 Cmini dark chocolate chips

1/8 Clocal honey or your favorite sweetner such as coconut nectar, maple sugar

*If you find the ingredients are not holding a ball shape, just add a bit more honey and/or almond butter.



Mix the dry ingredients together and then stir in the almond butter and honey. (Using two spoons can be helpful to get it all combined.) 

Depending on what size you want your bites to be, take that amount and press it together firmly to form a ball. 

Roll each ball in the shallow dish of ground coconut.

To save time and an extra step, you can use finely shredded dried coconut right out of the package, but I prefer to grind it a touch more to get it even more fine and to give it that ethereal, snowy look.    

Place each ball on a parchment lined baking sheet and place in a 325 degree oven for four minutes (Not a minute longer or the coconut will start to turn brown!) 

All images courtesy of Kimberly Mimeles.

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