Happy October, y'all!

At Romney, October is one of, if not our favorite month of the year because of Halloween. The air is newly crisp, classic Uptown homes are transformed into extravagant haunted dwellings and the energy of our almost 300-year old city is beyond spooky. At Romney, studio vibes are HIGH between our skeleton décor, costumes & themed classes. 

We know though that getting together that perfect costume can be a challenge - even daunting! But have no fear.... Our Romney krewe is here to transform your most basic, black workout clothes into creative, fun costumes that will have everyone going WOW! 

From animal ears to funky makeup to household items you'd never think to wear - there is a plethora of opportunity to transform yourself. Take a look below at how our fierce Romney team took on this challenge of turning their every day drab into halloween fab! 

RS Halloween 20-2.jpg
RS Halloween 12.jpg
RS Halloween 14-2.jpg

Sandra Dee

RS Halloween 10.jpg

Tip: Use the top of a garbage bag as a make-shift choker necklace! 

Circus Ringmaster

RS Halloween 13.jpg

Tip: You never know what an old costume can turn into. This revolutionary jacket makes for one sassy circus wrangler.  

Kitty Kat

RS Halloween 9.jpg

Tip: An old scarf or, in our case, boxing hand-wraps serve as a purrrrr-fect tail

Million Dollar Baby

RS Halloween 11.jpg

Tip: Use your favorite workout gear to become the pro athlete you've always dreamed of being!