Rose Quartz

Traits: Love, Healing, Peacefulness, Harmony, Calming, Compassion

With February dedicated to love and the heart, we chose the Rose Quartz as our crystal of the month as it is the, "stone of love."  This light pink gem is famous for attracting and maintaining love, (from others and for oneself), and strengthening sexual organs and fertility. It can also be useful in times of emotional anguish: It is believed to increase empathy and help the heart to heal after loss. Overall, it aids in boosting self-trust, self-worth, and self-confidence.  

It is fascinating to us that the use of rose quartz can be traced back thousand of years and is present in many tales and legends. tells us,

"Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to humankind in hopes that its gorgeous pink color would inspire love and desire in mortals. In an Egyptian legend, Isis used rose quartz to maintain her divine youth and beauty. It has been reported that facial masks made of rose quartz have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, and it is believed that the ancients felt rose quartz would keep their complexions clear and prevent wrinkles. Rose quartz was also revered by ancient Tibetan and Chinese cultures, and some believe that this stone has been used as a token of love as early as 600 BC." 

Using Rose Quartz: 

  • Place beneath pillow or bed to attract love.
  • In feng shui, place stone in the far right corner of home (from front door). 
  • Wear as jewelry–preferably by your heart–for properties of self-love. (editor's note: rose quartz can be "worn" by hiding it in your sports bra!).

If using crystals feels a little too "new age" to you, give this amazing Rose Quartz product we came across a try! It's an organic rose quartz face creme perfect for practicing a little self-love.