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A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Since its inception, Romney Studios has always valued the energetic power of community. We don't believe in simply operating as a building with classes, but instead as a space for individuals to join together and push one another to transform into their healthiest and happiest selves through the power of movement. We aim for our studio to feel physically motivating, emotionally uplifting, mentally balancing and most importantly, welcoming. The larger our community, the stronger we become both individually and as a collective. One can't doubt the immense power of two clients entering a class as strangers and leaving as dedicated cheerleaders helping to push a new friend through the last ten minutes of class. We believe in the ability to bond over mutual perseverance, fostered by an overwhelming sense of unwavering support from every corner of the studio. The power is palpable... It led us to introduce discounted community classes to our schedule, and has motivated us to look even farther into how we can continue to strengthen what we so deeply value. 

Our passion for spreading the power of our Romney tribe motivated us to create a series of community classes throughout the city. These FREE community events are held once a week, and take place at various locations around New Orleans. All you have to do is sign up, show up, and be ready to work hard. Trust us, you don't need any props, weights, or machines to feel the burn and soreness that we can promise you will leave with. These community events are not only a killer workout, but let us expand our New Orleans-based community, coming together as one group to lift each other up. This summer we have been fortunate enough to partner with The Roosevelt Hotel, NOLA Brewing, The Riverview Room, and, most recently, the Ponchartrain Hotel.

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As New Orleanians, we all know the value of support and community—undeniable foundations of our identity. We know what it means to lose everything, to feel the sheer devastation and shock of a natural disaster we couldn't control. Following Hurricane Harvey, we found it both crucial and urgent to help out our neighbors in Houston, which drove us to transform our event at the Riverview Room into a relief fundraiser for the survivors of the storm, in partnership with the Saint Bernard Project. Houston helped us through Katrina in every way they could and it has become our turn to pay it forward.  Thanks to the incredible team at St. Bernard Project, which is helping to spearhead Harvey recovery efforts, we were able to partner up and donate all money raised at our event to their work.

Houston and other affected parts of Texas have a long road ahead and every penny counts.

Please consider donating to the efforts of SBP here



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If you haven't been able to join us for community events yet, don't worry because this summer was just the start! Join our email list at and follow all of our social media to keep up to date with our various community sessions. Have an idea for a community event? Let us know to establish a potential future partnership!