Mercury in Retrograde



Today mercury goes retrograde until January 27th.

We're stepping into a profound week of some awakening.    

We're dismantling old attachments to outdated or misaligned information that we've been projecting as our reality.                       
It's time to wake up and realize our limitlessness and the power we have to create change.                                                               
As we have always said at ROMNEY, the mind is a powerful thing and our thoughts create our reality.                                          
Nothing new can emerge if we continue to do the same thing over and over again, while stuffing our emotions and thoughts about it. Wake up and pay attention.                                               
Every break down has an opportunity to break through. Every moment and conversation is bringing us new opportunities. Be open, be honest and ride the wave.

Commit to honoring this holiday season as a time for deep transformation, authenticity, transparency, new beginnings and unconditional love that will wipe the slate clean for a new year and a whole new world.