HAIR 1.2:

Bulb Ponytail




Want to unleash your inner badass? Sometimes all it takes is looking the part. The bulb ponytail is cool, practical, a little bit hardcore, and easier than a one-two punch. Check out our tutorial below, and try it out when you need your game face on! 


Workouts we recommend this style for:

boxing, Ride, running, boot camp

Julia Box .jpg

step 1:

Gather hair into a high pony. Begin to wrap small elastics down ponytail, about 1/2 in. apart.  

step 2:

Continue the pattern until you've reached the bottom of your hair. 

step 3:

Starting at the top of the ponytail, gently pull hair away from each elastic band, to create volume in the "bulbs." 

Final steps...

Comb down any fly aways and spritz with hair spray if desired. 


Have a few extra elastics nearby, in case some snap! 

Boom! Hair tied back and ready to conquer...