"Megaformer is the ultimate equalizer - it levels the playing field and exposes weaknesses you never knew existed. Your core will thank you ... once the soreness goes away."

- Jack E. Egle

"Not only are the brolates classes fun, but they have diminished my back pain and made my other workouts stronger."

- Hunter Cazes

Only real men do Megaformer, just ask the bros themselves. While megaformers may look similar to you traditional Pilates reformer, this machine is no joke - think Pilates on steroids! The whole concept behind Megaformer is to use both the resistance created by your body as well as the machine's weighted spring system, to work each muscle group as slowly and intensely as possible. Improved balance, a tighter core, and increased strength are just a few of the benefits to brag about. Forget the girly connotation associated with Pilates because after just one 50 minute session of challenging both your body and mind to stay in the work, you will leave shaking and wanting more. Think you can hang? Come try a class today!


What are the benefits of Megaformer?

1. decrease in fitness related injuries

2. increased endurance and stamina.

3. development of slow twitch muscles as a muscular foundation 

4. formation of core stabilizers for overall strengthening. 

5. It's badass! 

Megaformer Jon 1.jpg


When is Brolates?


Tuesday's & Thursday's at 4:30 p.m.


Can't make it then? No problem! Check out our schedule here to try any of our Megaformer classes.