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Romney Studios prides itself on operating as "five boutique studious in one convenient location." But once upon a time—before RIDE, Megaformer, Boxing & Barre—we started as a Pilates center. As a studio, we are constantly expanding what we have to offer, believing that diversifying your workout portfolio is just as important as your financial portfolio. But no matter how much we expand, Pilates is embedded in our genetic makeup, and will always remain at the core of our identity. We are strong advocates for discovering the relationship between your mind & body, a journey perhaps best realized through the consistent breath, mental focus & anatomical awareness required in Pilates. The ability to achieve elongation, strength and release, and to streamline both daily movements and other forms of exercise, are only a few aspects of what makes Pilates so unique. We could truly devote an entire blog—not just a post—to Pilates, so we wanted to give you a little taste from our instructors. Our educated, focused & devoted instructors have evolved the methods of Pilates to modern day practice. They are the true rockstars of the pilates room, challenging us everyday to be conscious of our pelvic floor, rib placement, breath, and so much more.

So we turned to these masters themselves to find out...

Why Pilates?! 


"One of the things I love about walking into the Pilates studio at Romney is seeing the 15 year old dancer working out next to the 70 year old private client." - Meghan Trufant


Still wondering why pilates? The benefits are undeniable:

unique mind body connection through movement

guaranteed increase in core strength

greater flexibility to accompany the development of long, lean muscles

body conditioning to help prevent injury

more even and efficient movement 

surprisingly challenging in the best way possible