Editor-in-Chief, Owner of Romney Studios

Erin has devoted her life to health, wellness and movement since a young age. She believes that movement should help you feel your best physically and mentally. 

"Movement is not just about the way your body looks (although that is an amazing byproduct!) - it's about how the body and the mind feels ... And movement isn't the only thing that will get you healthy - it's your daily habits, practices, and rituals that all contribute to a healthy, happy mind, body and spirit." 

She and her team are constantly collecting, researching, and practicing the very same methods that are passed along to readers. 

"...this has been a passion project in the works for some time now. Enjoy your beautiful life!"


Co-Editor, Chief Photographer, Web Designer, RIDE Instructor

Maddy Rose is a native New Yorker with an affinity for all things aesthetic.

A Digital Media Freelancer, Blogger & Romney RIDE instructor, Maddy wears many hats and attempts to practice her passions on a daily basis.

"Mind Body MVMT has been the perfect way for me to compartmentalize all my interests in a visual space. My hope is that this blog allows people to educate themselves on a variety of topics, while being artistically inspired." 

Whether she's on the bike or behind the lens, Maddy's go-go energy pushes her to motivate, document everything and live life to the fullest. 


Co-Editor, Web Designer

Steph may originally be from Philadelphia, but New Orleans has most definitely become ‘home.’ A Tulane Public Health student who loves to travel and constantly be on the go, Steph has a deep passion for health and fitness, which always remain a constant and positive piece of Steph's busy days.

“Joining the Mind Body MVMT team has given me the chance to really couple my education and passions into something that can hopefully benefit a larger audience. My goal is that we can inspire readers to realize that practicing personal wellness and a healthy lifestyle is not only worth the effort, but can be a positive and fun part of every day life. It definitely has been for me!"

Steph is always excited to support others in their journey as a healthy lifestyle is as much about the body as it is the mind. 

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Chief Writer, Co-Editor, & Beauty Guru

Julia is a southern transplant that has a passion for health, fitness, and a deep love for lifting people's spirits. With her writing experience, a cosmetic addiction, and a continual quest to live her healthiest life, she promises to always keep it real...

"It is my goal for everything we share with our readers to be beautiful, relevant, and ACHIEVABLE. I come across way too much content online made to look 'easy,' but is far from that. We understand the realness of everyday life–work, school, kids, whatever your grind may be–so we are here to give you ways to feel, look, and be your very best."

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Romney Studios, located in the heart of uptown New Orleans, thrives on uniting the mind, body, and movement. Romney offers a full schedule of diverse classes that can accommodate every age, fitness goal, and physical condition. Whether through Pilates, Gyrotonic, Cycling, Megaformer, Barre, Yoga, or Meditation, everyone can find a unique program to improve their physical and emotional well-being.

Romney Studios features three floors of beautiful studio space, high quality exercise equipment, innovative fitness programming, highly educated, passionate instructors, and exceptional service. From private appointments to group fitness classes to wellness programs, the Romney team strives to bring the best experience to everyone that walks in our doors.


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