Letter from the editor

2016: "Don't find yourself, create yourself."

Penned by Erin Romney


In what seems like the blink of eye, we once again meet a new year. Many of us will set intentions and goals, and put our dreams into the universe. Although it is never easy to highlight voids or weaknesses and set forth steps to repair, fix or solve them, it can be a beautiful, humbling, and emotional experience. Think of goal setting as the ultimate wish-list!  You can create the life of your dreams, here and now. Having goals helps shift our energy inward to focus on our habits, relationships, health, and overall wellness. So whether you’re announcing your resolutions to the world, or keeping them private, here are a few steps to overcome failure, obstacles, and plain old temptation!


Step 1: Visualize

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. You are here to create a safe, open space for your dreams to unfold.  Enjoy!  

Here a few questions to get started:

     How do you envision your life for the next year?

     How does your physical body feel?

     How do you move?

     What is your energy level like? 

     How is your state of mind?

     How is your diet? And how do the foods you eat make you feel? 

     What are you wearing?  How do you feel in that clothing?  Why did you choose it?

     How are you spending your free time? 

     What gives you pleasure and pure joy?

     Who are you spending time with?  And, what are you doing with that person/people?

     What are your creative outlets? 

     What do your surroundings look like? 

     What are the colors, scents and sounds you surround yourself with? 

     What are your healthy habits? 

     What books are you reading?  What music are you listening to? 

Digging deep and connecting with all of these details and thoughts will help you to manifest and engage with the goals you are creating for yourself.


Step 2: Write it down 

After visualization, write down your thoughts, goals, dreams on paper (preferably with a red pen). Next, under that written goal, write down ALL the steps you can take to achieve it. 

Here’s an example: I want to meditate more and deepen my understanding of the practice.

1) Go to bed at a reasonable hour at least 3+ days per week, in order to wake up with the time and energy to devote to this practice.

2) Set up the chair or space the evening before so it’s ready for you in the morning.

3) If doing a guided meditation, have the app downloaded.

4) Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual to make time for meditation. (I prefer to do it in the morning, but everyone is different!)

5) Minimize distraction or stress beforehand: avoid checking emails, social media, voicemails and texts.


Step 3: Tell someone

This isn’t required for success, but studies have shown that when someone holds a person accountable, one will be more successful in achieving a goal. So tell someone! Preferably, this person will know how to achieve what you want, or has achieved the same goal. This person can act as a mentor, supporter, partner, or assistant.


Step 4: Reward

Now for the great part…what are your rewards for all this hard work? Remind yourself what you’re working for by keeping a picture, word, or thought in a place you look everyday.

Personally, achieving my goal is enough of a reward, but some prefer a tangible reward. Maybe if you’ve accomplished a goal of working out for an hour, you:

     Have an extra slice of dark chocolate at the end of the day


     Book that needed massage


     Allow yourself to sleep in the next day.


Step 5: Follow-up

So a month has gone by and you’ve been consistently working towards your goals, right? Maybe you’ve made adjustments, and/or had setbacks, but overall you are sticking with it and gotten close or actually accomplished your dream! Hot damn, pat yourself on the back and hold that head up high.

If you reached your dream…create a new one and continue on.

If you’re not there yet…keep going, get support, be kind, and you’ll go places you never thought possible!


Things to remember:

What if you give in to temptation or don’t achieve your milestone?

      First, IT’S OK!  The first part is recognizing and acknowledging your shortcoming.

      Second, set another goal to get back on track. Re-evaluate what went wrong. Was your goal unrealistic? Do you need to set smaller goals that will help achieve your ultimate goal? If so, re-do step 2 above. 

 Be Patient. It will take time to achieve your goals.

      Shit happens. If you have a bad day, begin again tomorrow.

Use these powerful tools to get on the path of success to your goals: